Malaysia tourist visa for Indians | Malaysia tourist visa for Indians
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Malaysia tourist visa for Indians

Malaysia tourist visa types for Indians – Online visa

Basically, there are 3 types of Malaysia visa for Indians when applying as a tourist. These visas can be applied online either by yourself or with the help of a Malaysia visa expert.

Malaysia tourist eNTRI visa – (Ideal for 15 days visit to Malaysia as a Tourist)

Malaysia tourist15 days eVISA – (If you are planning to visit Malaysia multiple times or entering Malaysia from a different country other than Singapore, India or Thailand )

Malaysia tourist 30 days eVISA – (Same as above , allows you 30 days of entry)

Based on your plans, you can choose the right Malaysia tourist visa. The easiest and the most cost effective visa to get when applying for Malaysia visa is Malaysia eNTRI visa which we can help you get approved within 2 hours where as Malaysia eVisa can take upto 8 working days.

The table below explains the different types of Malaysia visas for Indians and their fees:

Malaysia tourist visa fees for Indians

But VFS fees as well as GST +VAT+ card processing fees are still applicable. See the table below to know the cost of Malaysia visa for Indians. We have added our fee charges as well.

Malaysia Tourist visa fees for Indians

Malaysia visa fees Malaysia eNTRI visa Malaysia 15 days eVisa Malaysia 30 days eVisa
Total days of Stay 30 days 15 days only 15 days only
VFS Fees INR 1968 INR 2232 INR 2205
Government Fees Nill Nill INR 1000
Our Fees INR 600 INR 800 INR 800
IGST INR 432 INR 468 INR 495
Total Cost INR 3000 INR 3500 INR 4500
Single Entry/ Multiple Entry Single Entry Only Multiple Entry Multiple Entry
Can enter from? Direct from India, Thailand, Singapore Any Country Any Country
Days before application 2 to 3 days 20 days 20 days

All the visas above are valid for upto 3 months from the date of issue and can be used for both tourism as well as to visit a relative or friend.

How to apply for Malaysia tourist visa for Indians ?

All you need to do is fill our Malaysia visa initiation form below and we will handle everything for you.

Whether you are applying for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa, you will need to do the following:

Fill your Malaysia visa application form (Click her to apply for Malaysia visa)

Wait for the visa experts to call after your visa gets approved

We will contact the embassy and follow-up on your visa application and ensure that your Malaysia visa is approved in the fastest time possible .

Malaysia Visa Documents & Payment Information

Documents must be submitted in png or jpeg formate only. Send us a clear and bright photo captured against white background and our image experts will edit it as per malaysia visa specification.

Manditory Documents

Passport front and Back pages - Scanned copy as showen below





Soft copy of photo in pure white background

Optional Documents

Flight & Hotel Bookings (If you have already done it)

Old passport if have any

Birth Certificate in case of applicants below 15 years old

Make payment to process your request

Below pricing is inclusive of GST of 18%

eNTRI visa fee – INR 2800. short-stay eVISA fee – INR 3000. eVISA fee – INR 4000

Whether you are applying for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa, you will need to do the following:

Make sure your passport has a validity of at least 6 months. It also needs to have two blank pages for the entry and exit stamps.

Make payment of the fee and upload the required documentsA scanned copy of your recent photograph as per below specifications. When applying with us, if you can send a clear passport photo of you captured in your phone, we can edit it as per Malaysia visa specifications

Your visa application will get rejected if these specifications are not met with. If you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, our graphic designers will ensure the correct specifications.

Send us a pic of your passport first page and last page.Our editors will edit the document to suit Malaysia tourist visa specifications

A scanned copy of your passport’s last page. The requirements are same as above.

A scanned copy or send us a photo of your passport’s page that shows your last international travel details.

Confirmed flight tickets to and from India. This needs to be a PDF document.

Apply through us and we will arrange for this document. You do not have to worry about losing money in case your visa gets rejected.

Confirmed hotel reservations for your entire stay in Malaysia. This also needs to be a PDF format. I

Let us arrange for this as well. We have trusted travel agencies in Malaysia that will give your hotel confirmation for your entire stay, something that is required for the application of a Malaysia eVISA. You can make your bookings, once your visa gets approved and not risk your own money.

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